Concetti (Italy)
Concetti offers IGF Automatic bagging and closing machine for open mouth bags. Bagging machine also possible in big/jumbo bags up to 1.5 MT capacity.
Concetti has won PPMA award in 2013 for patented zip applicator for reclosable package that are made on FFS Continua.
Equipment per European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) guidelines. Atex execution available for employee and asset safety.
Colimatic (Italy)
Thera 650
Colimatic’s strength lies in thermoforming equipment able to do either package modification by gas or by vacuum. Programme covers tray sealers, Omega 800 range of models that are automatic vacuum packaging lines and Thera range of machines that fulfil different capacity requirements of various clients. With an experience exceeding 35 years, Colimatic has more than 3,000 installations worldwide.
Green Bay Machinery (USA)
600HT Extruder
Green Bay Machinery Co., Inc. is a world leader in supply of processed cheese equipment and has installations in more than 40 countries. Programme includes casting lines for SOS (slice on slice), naked slices and extruder lines for IWS (individually wrapped slices), electrostatic fluid coating systems, processing equipment, slicing equipment and packaging equipment.
Imanpack (Italy)
Imanpack Packaging and Eco Solutions S.p.A, in manufacturing since 1975, meets the requirement of automated packaging lines for food and non-food (engineering, hardware, medical and pharmaceuticals, hygiene, plastics and other technical products). Imanpack’s programme covers horizontal and vertical machines, electronic counters, robotic palletizers, material handling conveyors, etc. Imanpack has a large number of satisfied customers across India as well as worldwide.
Senzani (Italy)
Senzani Brevetti S.p.A. manufactures side load case packers, vertical cartoning machines, top load robotic pick & place systems and palletisers. Multiple packaging styles have been handled, ranging from pre-glued cartons to RSC American cases or wrap around cases; as for the direct fill of diverse types of products to be packed like short-cut pasta, household detergent powders, cereal, and other, or ready packed doypack pouches, cheerpack pouches, trays and many others.

SODEVA (France)
SODEVA specializes in ultrasonic cutting machines or slicers to cut all kinds of cheeses, fixed weight, cakes, delicatessen, pâtés and sweets such as chocolate, nougat, fudge, tarts pies and frozen slabs, with weight management. Packaging in line or robotization are possible for cheese cutting. SODEVA manufactures in house all of its cutting vibrating blades or seiving devices with ultrasounds. SODEVA's new Vibracut blade is able to cut horizontal slices and rotating in guillotine mode to cut sticks, chunks or cubes.

TechnoWrapp (Italy)
TechnoWrapp is a leading designer and producer of stretch film wrapping machines for palletized loads and pallet transportation systems. A standard feature on TechnoWrapp stretch wrappers is an electronic pre-stretch carriage (EP-F1) that gives 400% stretch ability that optimises film consumption. 96 grams of film is all you need with a pallet of size 800 mm x 1200 mm (height 1500mm) with 10 layers wrapping using a TechnoWrapp stretch wrapper.
WFT Pharmatec (Germany)
WFT stands for “Welding and Filling Technology”. WFT are specialists for medical bags: infusion, dialysis, nutrition bags, etc. for the pharmaceutical industry. From small machines to complex form-fill-seal systems, WFT offers almost everything necessary to manufacture and fill medical bags of polyolefin films. The head of the WFT team, Mr. Friedrich Muth, had been technical director and divisional manager with large producers of similar machines.

Zambelli (Italy)
LFT – 50
Zambelli S.r.l offers all film energy efficient shrink wrappers for multipack of beverage bottles and cans. The tray and film shrink wrapper is recommended for food cans. A wrap around + shrink wrapper combi-packer packs glass and plastic jars.

Zambelli also offers model WR 40 Wrap- around case packer that gives maximum protection to goods such as cans and jars during transportation. Zambelli technology enhances packaging value by promoting transport packs as display cum transport pack simultaneously, contributing to material savings in packaging.
IPS Industrial Packaging Solution (Italy)
IPS, headquartered in Alessandria, Italy is a leading producer of lacquered, coloured or printed flexible aluminium foil, to be used in the manufacturing of processed cheese packaging, from 20g up to 500g portion. Foil is suitable for any packaging machine and customizable with a logo. IPS is a part of the Laminazione Sottile Group which is a €500+ million turnover vertically integrated group with 1000+ employees focused on manufacturing aluminium from foundry stage up to finished product.
S.I.F.R.A. (Italy)
S.I.F.RA. EST is a leader in the production of flat and tubular films, tubes, connectors and flexible containers in PVC-FREE (Magiflex® films, tubes and bags) as well as in PVC (Siflex®, Siflat®, Siftube® and Siflex Pack®) addressed to the Pharma and Medical Industries. SIFRA produces over 80 million bags per year and supplies to customers in over 33 countries worldwide. SIFRA's corporate policy is to offer the highest quality products worldwide at unquestionably competitive prices to its customers.
Trioworld Apeldoorn (The Netherlands)
Trioworld Apeldoorn (formerly "Apeldoorn Flexible Packaging" i.e. AFP), is part of the Trioworld Group which comprises 15 companies with 1,200+ employees and an annual turnover of over €550 million. Trioworld Apeldoorn is a leading manufacturer of high quality food packaging films such as inner wrap film for processed cheese packing (IWS), bread, frozen food, etc. as well as load security film for various industries.
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